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Opportunities are open to volunteer as tour docents, to assist in our Civil War library, to assist in our Museum Shop, and to assist with research and exhibition projects. If you are interested in volunteering at the Drum Barracks, complete the Volunteer Form and return it to the Drum Barracks and you will be contacted.

"Volunteers are the lifeblood of the museum,” explains Museum Director Susan Ogle. “Without them we could not offer the special programs, activities and the Living History events. They are necessary both to our survival and to growth. We treasure each and every one of our volunteers.”

Enjoy the photos of many of our dedicated volunteers.

Bob Arconti

Brad Au

Donna Braley

Norm Braley

Loran Bures

Melinie Caines

Mark Elson

Katherine Chumley

Joe Justiniano

Raymond Clinnick

Ruth Clinnick

Stephen Schmidt

Steve Demory

Floyd Farrar

Sherry Lopez Farrar

Steve Jacobsen

Jerry Sayres

Larry Duncan

Richard Fehring

Dave Oneslager

Carole Wenda

Bill Wenda

Steve Pavich

Debbie Pavich

Rudy Velasco

Glen Roosevelt

Dave Schnorr

Phil Caines

Diane Swanson

Diana Tuseth

Bob Tuseth

Ken Kurtz

Dottie Wilson

Katie Wurtzel

Patrice Demory

Bob Ralston

Larry Vance

James Henkel

Jim Tebbets

Dave Grimsrud