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Before you visit, enjoy a preview of the various rooms in the Drum Barracks Civil War Museum.

Ladies Morning Wrapper

The Civil War era ladies morning wrapper is made of Paisley printed wool and cotton challis, and dates to 1860-1870. It was donated by Toni Van Beveran, who is pictured with the display in the Officer's Bedroom.

Wrappers were the nineteenth century equivalent of the modern house robe and were one of the few types of clothing that provided a woman some relief from the typically constricting and multi-layered garments of the day such as the corset and hoop skirt.  Generally worn in the morning before dressing, it was also worn by ladies who would nap in the afternoon to escape the summer heat or to rest before the evening's activities.

Although surviving garments of this nature are found in all types of fabrics from calicos to silks, the most popular styles during the mid-19th century were made of paisley challis, as is this example.