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Take a Virtual Tour

Before you visit, enjoy a preview of the various rooms in the Drum Barracks Civil War Museum.



Drum Barracks Courtyard

The courtyard of the Drum Barracks Civil War Museum is located at the back of the Junior Officers' Quarters. The walkway in the courtyard is made of original bricks from parts of the foundation,chimneys and fireplaces in the building, which were removed from the building during the 1976 restoration. The well in the center of the courtyard provided water to the camp during the Civil War era; it has since been filled in.

The tree seen in the courtyard is a Tabebuia or trumpet tree, a member of the jacaranda family from South America. A Lady Banksia rose from Scotland was planted on the right side of the building in 1873; it continues to blossom today

Courtyard Highlights

  • The original chimneys and fireplaces were removed from the Drum Barracks for earthquake safety. Repurposing them for the courtyard walkway was our way of ensuring their survival.
  • The flowering trumpet tree flourishes in the spring with bright magenta blossoms
  • The Lady Banksia rose was planted just a few years after the end of the Civil War by the Rev. Robert Boag, a Presbyterian minister who became the Drum Barracks first private resident. It continues to thrive with the great care provided by the Grounds Maintenance staff of the Department of Recreation and Parks, City of Los Angeles!