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Take a Virtual Tour

Before you visit, enjoy a preview of the various rooms in the Drum Barracks Civil War Museum.

Officer's Bedroom



This bedroom is what we believe a high-ranking officer’s bedroom looked like in the 1860s. An officer was often responsible for supplying his own furniture. All original furniture is gone from the building, but those pieces donated to the museum are historic to the time period.

The bedroom contains a suite of furniture donated to the Rancho Los Cerritos Museum by the family of Joseph Hickox. When the Rancho Los Cerritos Museum made renovations, and as this Museum was set to open, the furniture was donated to the Drum Barracks Garrison & Society by Hickox’s great nieces Marie Leah Hickox Northcott and Jean Hickox Northcott.

The bed, which is made of dark wood, stands nine feet tall with a beautiful relief of applied decorative pieces. The bed is very large for the time period because the original owner was 6'1". He was an Indian Agent and the first white man into Oklahoma Territory. The dresser, also nine feet tall, is made of black walnut with a white Italian marble top. It includes a mirror top, rounded pediment crown, three drawers in the base, two small glove drawers on the dresser top, and lamp shelves on both sides with a drop finial above. These pieces were made in Europe and brought around the horn and then sent by covered wagon to Oklahoma Territory.

Several types of trunks are shown. The largest is a steamer trunk, meant for shipping items long distances, such as around Cape Horn of South America. Smaller trunks were used by officers to transport their belongings.

Officer's Bedroom Highlights

  • Ladies Morning Wrappers were the 19th century equivalent of the modern house robe.
  • The general's uniform is a reproductions of Phineas Banning's uniform that belonged to Oliver Vickery, a curator at the Banning House. The single star signifies Banning was a Brigadier General in the California Militia.
  • The room ceiling is 14 feet tall so that smoke from the chimneys would gather above your head and not in your face. Since hot air rises, the high ceiling keeps the room cool.
  • The melodian pump organ was made by the Detroit Melodian Company.
  • A dressing screen was a must for the bedroom. No lady would consider undressing in front of her husband without a screen.
  • One of the trunks has a pictograph on its side depicting the name of the officer who owned it. The officer's name is Starkey. See if you can find the pictograph.